Locally Brewed Mural Festival May 2014

The 3rd Locally Brewed Festival, put on by the Tarpit Coffee shop in Greenpoint.  On May 10th 2014, 6 artists each paint a garage door as part of a community event.  Live music and food helped us raise money for Hosh Kids, a local children’s enrichment organization.  A couple of flash rain storms helped to keep things interesting.  Super fun. Thanks Tarpit!

locally_brewed_2014 1 locally_brewed_2014 2 locally_brewed_2014 3 locally_brewed_2014 4 locally_brewed_2014 5 locally_brewed_2014 6 locally_brewed_2014 7 locally_brewed_2014 8 locally_brewed_2014 9 locally_brewed_2014 10locallybrewed_2014locally_brewed_2014_wide

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