Acrylic on masonite, 8′ x 36″, exhibited as part of “Assembly Required” as sukkah salon.  New York City, 2013.  Curated by Danielle Durchslag and Ryan Frank.

With artwork by Megan Berk, Brent Birnbaum, Danielle Durchslag, Shannon Finnegan, Ryan Frank, Sarah Hardesty, Jessie Henson, Claudia Paneca, Shana Siegel, and Ian Trask.

“Assembly Required employs contemporary art to both adhere to and expand on the traditional sukkah experience. Here artists explore the sukkah as a transitional, aspirational space, the in-between made manifest. Each artist has crafted a section of the sukkah portraying his or her connection to the longed for and unresolved, whether it be personal, political, spiritual or psychological”

This piece titled “Poaceae” refers to the family of  monocotyledonous flowering plants.  Poaceous cereal crops include rice, barley and millet.  Agrarian cultured began with the earliest domestication of these crops.  The festival of sukkot, which celebrates the harvest, has always made me feel connected to these ancestral farming roots.   The image is made up of electron microscope images of pollen, as well as oats, wheat, rice and bees.


Sukkah 18

Sukkah 3 Sukkah 4

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